AEdiX 3.0

AEdiX is a freeware text editor especially designed for software developers (See all)
Kirys Tech 2000

AEdiX is a freeware text editor as well as a source editor especially designed for software developers. It has multiple file support. Users can easily switch between files by clicking the tabs or using keyboard shortcuts. AEdix 3.0 contains a Fast search toolbar by which users can start a new search without opening the search dialog.
It supports Syntax highlighting for 24 different programming languages such as ASP, Assembler, Batch files, c, c++, c#, Cascading Style Sheet, Fortran Fox Pro, html, Inform, Ini format, LaTex, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, Java, Java Script, SQL, TCL/Tk, Visual Basic, VbScript, XML.
Easy to use professional interface, Multilevel Undo feature, Word Wrap, FTP Direct editing and support for unlimited file size makes it the best choice for web developers and source code programmers.
With the help of an advanced text selection system; it is possible to select a rectangular block of text
The powerful Reopen menu lists the last 9 opened files.
AEdiX supports scripting code proposal and hint system (Auto complete) for php css and sql.
Code proposal displays a pop-up box that lists functions/elements that you can select from and add to your code, so you don't have to remember all the elements available in that language.

Neeraj Joshi
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  • Freeware
  • Compact and occupies only 6MB of hard disk space
  • Syntax highlighting and Code Suggesting feature


  • None in particular
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